A mastectomy is commonly done as a treatment for breast cancer, or sometimes as a preventative measure. During this surgical procedure, all or a portion of the breast is removed, after which breast reconstruction commonly takes place. During reconstruction, the breasts are rebuilt to match in size and shape, and the nipple and areola are added if needed. Our breast surgeons utilize the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies and treatments available when performing breast procedures to ensure comfort and safety.

What is the Spy Elite® System?

When performing breast reconstruction, we strive to perform safe surgery without compromising aesthetic results and outcomes. While breast reconstruction is a safe procedure, there is, of course, potential for complications. Poor tissue circulation can result in unsatisfactory outcomes, such as healing problems and additional surgery. The Spy Elite® system can prevent these complications by providing surgeons with real-time images of microvascular blood flow of the breast. This may assist in critical decision making during surgery, by allowing surgeons to identify which tissues have adequate blood flow. This can help to reduce the risk of complications and improve surgery outcomes. Spy Elite® is also sought-after because it is not associated with ionizing radiation or harmful contrast agents, unlike traditional X-ray imaging. With the help of the progressive Spy Elite® System, more breast reconstruction patients than ever can experience amazing results.

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