What is a Nipple Sparing/ Skin Sparing Mastectomy Reconstruction?

A nipple sparing /skin sparing mastectomy is a mastectomy without removal of any of the skin, the nipple or the areola. This technique results in less scarring than a traditional mastectomy.

How is a Nipple Sparing/ Skin Sparing Mastectomy Reconstruction Performed?

This procedure is done under general anesthesia. First, any cancerous tissue will be removed. A pocket will then be created in the breast tissue that is filled with a breast implant or the patient’s own tissue. Most of the breast skin is left in tact, resulting in a natural-looking reconstruction. Incisions will then be closed and drains will be placed.

While our surgeons do not perform your mastectomy, we will refer you to the best oncologic breast surgical specialist. We strongly believe your aesthetic outcome is influenced by your general breast surgeon and their individual approach to mastectomy. Our team works very closely with a team of general surgeons who incorporate the latest breast cancer treatment techniques with the best options to both remove cancer and offer the best cosmetic outcome as well. To learn more about mastectomy surgeons Drs. Liu and Gunia, visit www.azbreastcenter.com.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Nipple Sparing/Skin Sparing Mastectomy Reconstruction?

Good candidates have moderately small tumors that are not aggressive. Smaller breasted women often see best results, though results are on a case by case basis. Ideal candidates should not smoke, as smoking can impair the healing process, leading to complications.


After the procedure, patients may experience numbness, bruising and discomfort around the treatment areas. Full recovery can take months to a year, depending on your specific reconstruction. The amount of nipple sensation present will very from patient to patient. Follow up appointments with our team are imperative in ensuring a safe and quick recovery.

Patients in the Phoenix are who believe they could benefit from a nipple sparing/ skin sparing mastectomy can contact us today at 480-842-8606 to schedule a consultation.