Dr. Gawley was introduced to a local foundation that is equally passionate about providing a quality of life to breast cancer patients. “Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!” works to educate the community on breast cancer awareness and provides direct assistance to breast cancer patients with their wig program. Dr. Gawley holds an annual patient appreciation event – The Gawley Gala – where raffles and silent auctions are held and all contributions go to supporting their foundation.

Read more in the Check For A Lump 2022 Magazine: https://www.checkforalump.org/_files/ugd/559c0e_0a22bc9a1c4d45bdb09846f84c1…

Don’t Be A Chump Sponsor – Dr. Gawley from Handstage on Vimeo.

2016 Gawely Gala

Thank you letter to Dr. Gawley and Dr. St. Peter

I started to think about what I wanted to say in your thank you letter for your incredible generosity. I was hoping I could find the right words to express how meaningful your support is to our foundation and the women we help.

The first word came that came to mind was “sustain” because you truly have helped to sustain our wig program. Keeping up with nearly one wig a day along with our education program has been a struggle at times. Your assistance will provide a few months of wigs! You really have made it possible to keep up with our growing pace, yet there is so much more I want to imply than “sustain.” Sustain just sounds like a popular word that is thrown around and often times lacks real meaning behind it.

“Impactful” was the next word that came mind. You have helped to impact the lives of so many women battling breast cancer with free wigs who would otherwise be suffering emotionally along with physically. We often receive kind letters of appreciation – each one brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy and thankfulness that we are fortunate to be the steward of your generosity and able to provide comfort to these women. Note that these women are suffering, yet still find the time to sit down and write words of thanks. They do so because the simple gift of a wig really does impact their life and the life of the spouse, their kids, their friends and more. Yet again, “impactful” still sounded too trifle to the real outcomes of your generosity.

I began thinking of all of the ways your time, talent, employees, gifts and donations were truly helping to make a difference:

Free wigs – providing hope and healing through hair.

Education that is extremely necessary. I give our breast health presentations throughout the year to thousands and following they all express to me, “How did I NOT know this!” This is across the board from the CEO to the attorney to the homemaker. My deepest gratitude for your support for our education program as many do not realize the value in empowering women through education.

Mammograms – I didn’t think we would have extra funds this year to host free mammograms until your event. We are going to devote at least $5,000 of the funds you raised for our organization to free mammograms and any diagnostic testing if anything suspicious is found. I’ve heard first hand how women put off needed mammograms due to lack of funds. These are women who have found lumps or are experiencing other symptoms of breast cancer. I can’t even imagine the fear those women must live with daily. You are providing them with relief from that fear and possibly saving their lives through early detection.

I noted to myself that your clients would have come to your gala regardless if we were there or any other charity. It was a beautiful event and your clients all love you for your extremely talented skills, your gentle manner, your sweet and caring smile and true kindness. With your level of expertise you also don’t need to contribute to a charity to receive business, yet you do.. You don’t have to give, and you surely don’t have to give so generously, and that’s when I realized what I really wanted to express to you and your lovely wife Heather.

You are a blessing. You are a blessing to so many women through your generosity. You are a blessing to women in desperate need of healthcare. You are a blessing to our foundation with your generosity, your loyalty, and your kindness. You are a blessing to our community by setting a pillar example of a philanthropist and great humanitarian. We are thankful for you Dr. Gawley and Dr. St. Peter. May blessings also fill your home!

I almost forgot! The Gawley Gala raised .. . . $28,080!!!!

Live and Give,
Holly Rose