What is a Bilateral Mastectomy?

A bilateral mastectomy involves removing the entire breast. In a traditional mastectomy, the nipple and the dark skin around the nipple are removed.

Types of procedures:

• Nipple Sparing/Skin Sparing Mastectomy Reconstruction
• Immediate Reconstruction with Implants
• Tissue Expansion and Implant Reconstruction
• Reconstruction with Fat Transfer

How is a Bilateral Mastectomy performed?

A bilateral mastectomy is done under general anesthesia. Our team will then remove all of the breast tissue, including the nipple and areola. Any incisions will be closed with stitches, and drains will be placed to collect any excess fluid.

While our surgeons do not perform your mastectomy, we will refer you to the best oncologic breast surgical specialist. We strongly believe your aesthetic outcome is influenced by your general breast surgeon and their individual approach to mastectomy. Our group works very closely with a team of general surgeons who incorporate the latest breast cancer treatment techniques with the best options to both remove cancer and offer the best cosmetic outcome as well.

To learn more about mastectomy surgeons Drs. Liu and Gunia, visit www.azbreastcenter.com.

How to Prepare for Bilateral Mastectomy

Before your mastectomy, you will need to determine if you would like to undergo reconstruction, and if so, which form of reconstruction is right for you. Learning about your options and finding a board-certified breast reconstruction surgeon are vital steps in your reconstruction journey. In Phoenix, Our physicians offer an array of reconstruction options to meet each woman’s individual needs.


Patients should expect to stay at least one night in the hospital after their bilateral mastectomy. Soreness in the chest, underarm, and shoulder is common, thought this should dissipate with time. Numbness will also occur across the chest area, and will most likely be permanent. It is important to schedule follow up appointments to ensure an optimal recovery.

If you are located in the Phoenix area and are interested in a bilateral mastectomy, contact us today to schedule a consultation.