Flap Reconstruction Surgery

Flap reconstruction surgery is a technique used to rebuild the shape of a breast, using the patient’s own skin, muscle, and fat from other areas of the body. This procedure is often done after mastectomy, though can also be done for patients with breast development issues.

There are two ways that flap reconstruction surgery can be done: using a pedicle flap or free flap. A pedicle flap uses tissue from the back or abdomen without cutting off its original blood supply. This is done by pulling the tissue up to the chest area underneath the skin. A free flap cuts the tissue and blood vessels from its original supply. The surgeon will arrange the new tissue into place and sew the blood vessels in the flap to the chest blood vessels.

At the Arizona Center for Reconstructive Breast Surgery, we offer a selection of flap reconstruction surgery options, including:
Latissimus Flap
PAP Flap
GAP Flap
TUG Flap

If you believe you could benefit from flap reconstruction surgery at the Arizona Center for Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, contact us today to schedule a consultation.