What is Latissimus Flap Reconstruction?

Latissimus flap reconstruction involves a flap of skin, muscle, fat, and blood vessels from the upper back being used to reconstruct the breasts.

How is Latissimus Flap Reconstruction Performed?

During latissimus flap reconstruction, a flap running from the upper back to the chest is made to rebuild the breasts.  Blood vessels in the flap are left attached to their original blood supply. Both tissue and muscle are taken from the upper back to reconstruct the breasts. Due to this, the latissimus flap technique is considered a muscle-transfer type of flap.


Drains will be placed after this procedure, and will need to stay in place for three to five weeks to collect excess fluids. This procedure will result in a scar on the back. Heavy lifting should be avoided for four to six weeks after your procedure. It is important to follow the exact post-op instructions given to you by our team to ensure a safe recovery.

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